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Hiking with Mothership is Papa Smurf

Stephen Hardy aka Papa Smurf

One day, a few years ago, Stephen and I were hiking around here. We were both wearing matching hats and took a selfie of ourselves. Later when we looked at them, I called him Pap Smurf...we laughed! Over these last few months, preparing for our hike, I became focused on our trail names and really want to find the ones that felt most appropriate for us. I know there is debate about how to acquire a trail name and some would say you can't decide your own (technically, I did not decide my name, it was given to me), and Stephen did not actually choose his, I named him! He has recently decided to stop shaving in preparation for the trail. He already has a beard started and there is quite a bit of gray in Papa Smurf he is!

We are counting the weeks and getting ready to book a flight to DC to begin our trek in WV. We hope you will follow our journey and support our cause!

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