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'Mothership' will be my name

There is a tradition on the AT, that hikers carry a 'trail name'. The pure hiker-way is to be given your name once on the trail. It has been something that I have been excited about and tried to 'find' my name before we go. Recently, I was at a retreat and during a group discussion we were asked to think of a time when we felt welcomed...included in the question was whether or not we had a nickname at any time in our lives. I answered the question and shared about some nicknames from when I was a child and one from high school, but neither of them were lasting or generalized to others in my life. Then I remembered a nickname that my son came up with along with a friend of his when they were in rehab together, 'Mothership'. Actually, it was an autocorrect on the phone, but it stuck and they both called be that on FB. I had never met Bryan's friend, Dan, until this past month. He came to Maine to try to make some changes in his life that he has struggled to do....I got to meet him and below is a picture of me and 'the boys'. I thought Mothership could be a good trail name and appropriate...both Bryan and Dan have overdosed and struggled with addiction and are doing better now than they had been.

The picture below is a special one to me. I was grateful to have the opportunity to get a picture with the two of them together. Hopefully there will be many more opportunities.

'Mothership' with Dan (L) and Bryan (R)

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