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Chakra workshop with stephen

Saturday, June 8th 9-3:00 pm

Join Reiki Master/Teacher & Psychic Intuitive, Stephen Hardy, for this great workshop that will help you with these questions: WHAT are Chakras?! What happens when they are open, balanced and healthy? The following are signs of blocked Chakras: lower-back pain, water retention, problems with hips, legs, feet, digestive and intestinal disorders, poor metabolism, and other stress-related skin conditions, upper-back or shoulder pain, problems with the nasal area, jaw pain, voice loss, light sensitivity, headaches.

In this interactive Chakra Workshop, we will dive in to and explore the 7 main Chakras. You will learn how they affect our bodies and what we can do to help keep them balanced and energized. We will go over colors, Archangels, stones, elements and so much more! All materials and snacks will be provided in the cost of the class. Please bring a lunch, an open mind and a curiosity to learn more.

COST: $50

Registration is required: message the center directly through our 'contact' tab (please specify in subject line what you are inquiring about) or email mindbodysoulwellnesscenter@gmail.com

Compassionate Listening Workshop

Saturday, June 22nd 9-1:00 pm

Compassionate listening training is great opportunity to learn how to set aside our natural conversational instincts to assess, fix, judge, and prepare our remarks. With compassionate listening we learn how to be present to another person’s pain and confusion. We learn to hold space for the speakers own sharing and storytelling to become the balm that soothes the anxious and broken heart. In this training we learn to listen with our hearts wide open and to ask curious questions that invite the speaker to reflect on their own narrative, perspectives, and understandings of a difficult, complex or painful situation. These reflective questions allow the speaker to experience empathy at the same time revealing and cultivating internal wisdom and resilience.
This is a follow-up workshop to the Family Recovery Support training, but can be attended as a stand-alone event.


Registration is required: message the center directly through our 'contact' tab (please specify in subject line what you are inquiring about) or email mindbodysoulwellnesscenter@gmail.com