Live an Empowered and Spiritual life!

As a Certified Life Coach, Stephen empowers his clients to gain clarity on their life purpose, goals and values so that they can live the beautiful life they were created to live. 


Stephen's career as an Empowerment & Spiritual Coach started well before becoming a Life Coach.  He has been guiding his clients since he became a Metaphysical & Reiki Master Teacher and Psychic Intuitive Card Reader.  He uses his own personal experience of being emotionally and spiritually wounded from toxic relationships and environments, childhood experiences, generational burdens. He works with you to create a plan that empowers you to move past your hurts and pains, and into the person you were meant to be.  This allows you to transform your life so you can live a healthy, successful future, filled with love, trust, purpose, and peace.


If you are interested in working with Stephen as your Life Coach, CLICK HERE to schedule a complimentary Empowerment & Spiritual Coaching session to see if his coaching style is a good fit for you. 

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