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Heal your life, one inner child at a time!

Do you ever find yourself questioning your behavior like "Why did I act that way"? Or feel like you're struggling between two conflicting thoughts like "part of me wants to, but another part doesn't"? If yes, then you've come to the right place. Stephen can guide you through an IFS (Internal Family Systems) approach that can help you find clarity on your life purpose, goals, and values. With his help, you will build confidence and courage to explore deeper into the factors that are holding you back from success and heal your inner children (yes, we all have more than one inner child). Through coaching, you can build a better relationship with yourself and integrate the parts of you that were previously preventing you from living the powerful, happy, loving, and beautiful life you were meant to live.


Stephen is an IFS Practitioner and an Empowerment and Spiritual Coach. He started his journey as a metaphysical and Reiki Master Teacher and Psychic Intuitive Card Reader in 2017. Before becoming a Certified Life Coach and IFS Practitioner, he successfully coached hundreds of employees, supervisors, and managers to reach their personal and business goals over his 15 years as a store manager. Stephen has completed many training courses and workshops focused on IFS (Internal Family Systems), including IFS Level 1 and the IFS Online Circle. He uses his personal experience of being emotionally and spiritually wounded from toxic relationships and environments, childhood experiences, and generational burdens to help his clients.


Stephen offers coaching packages, as well as individual coaching sessions.


FEES: $100.00 for a 50 minute session or $900.00 for 10 - 50 minute sessions. Get your intake paperwork HERE.


Are you ready to take the next step and work with Stephen as your Coach?!  CLICK HERE to schedule your FREE consultation to see if his coaching style is a good fit for you. 



What is Internal Family Systems?

IFS is a transformative, evidence-based psychotherapy that helps people heal by accessing and loving their protective and wounded inner parts. We believe the mind is naturally multiple and that is a good thing. Just like members of a family, inner parts are forced from their valuable states into extreme roles within us. We also all have a core Self.

Self is in everyone. It can’t be damaged. It knows how to heal.

By helping people first access their Self and, from that core, come to understand and heal their parts, IFS creates inner and outer connectedness. --

**Disclaimer: Stephen is offering IFS coaching, this is not counseling or therapy, nor is it a replacement for it.**

8 C's of IFS
Parts and feelings

What people are saying!

“Before working with Stephen, I wasn’t really sure if I needed a coach, but I’m so glad I did. He really helped me to get out of my head and sit with my swirling thoughts and trust what not only myself but what the Universe was telling me. Although I am deeply spiritual and do work on myself and have for many years, I felt stuck. Having Stephens calm, supportive presence and guidance was exactly what I needed. Although I shouldn't have been, each session I was blown away by the messages coming through him to me. They were spot on and simply a confirmation that my guides had me always.”  Terry

“One of the biggest breakthroughs Stephen helped me with was to help me get back my confidence and to love and accept myself again! Before working with Stephen, I felt stuck, but after working with him I felt like I could face any challenge or obstacle that came my way. I wasn't really sure if I needed a coach, but I'm so glad I did! He really helped me to become a better version of myself. I am now stronger, confident, compassionate, and love myself and others more than before. I have also learned to trust in myself and others and to enjoy the little things in life that much more! Thank you, Stephen, I am grateful for you and all your work that you have done, you truly are a blessing!”   Pamela

“One of the biggest break throughs Stephen helped me with was trusting myself and my intuition. I have continued to doubt myself and my gifts. Childhood shame and negative influences creep into my brain and spirit and it can be easy to believe the lies those voices tell us. Stephen has a way of explaining messages, that fit and connect you back to your authentic self and spirit, weed through the lies and feel the confidence necessary to pursuit all the things that I want and are truly deserving of. My experience with each of the sessions to work with, open and balance each of the Chakra's was exactly what I needed to be in a place to make a very tough decision to move from Maine. Something that was necessary but frightening. Quitting a good job with good benefits to leave a situation that was toxic for me at 57 years old sounded crazy in my head and when I spoke the words out loud. Today I feel the confidence I knew was deep inside me to not only know with every fiber of my being, that this is the right path was largely due to the support I received from Stephen. I was wrought with worry at the beginning of our meetings and today I can honestly tell you that I am on a path that I know will bring me to my ultimate goal of living my life first as a healer and all the other things I called myself first (program director etc) will be the "other" thing I do and a healer is what I AM. I am forever grateful for the gift of Stephen kindness and compassion. I felt heard, seen and cared for.”  Anonymous 

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